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Liana 1 Dec 2017
    This new menu is gorgeous, both kids absolutely love it and often I feel quite envious of them!  You are truly a very talented cook.
Emily 17 Jul 2017
    Brilliant business, which fills a huge need for all the busy parents out there who want to give their children homemade food but don't have time (or inspiration!) to do it every day. We tried 3 meals in our first order: 1) salmon with spinach & parsley, broccoli & sweet potatoes (beautifully layered), 2) crushed minestrone bonanza, and 3) apple & prune compote. All were loved by my 14 month old daughter, and I can't wait for her to try more. Ratatouie does the hard work of creating textures and flavours appropriate for each age (6m ľ 3y), and you can choose which jars you think your babies/kids will like. Lots of options. It ticks all the boxes for me as a parent: nutritious and delicious, freshly made, organic fruits & veggies, grass-fed, free-range meat and sustainable fish. And to top it off, the food is beautifully presented in environmentally friendly jars with BPA free plastic lids which are great to reuse and easy to transport.
Liana 19 Jun 2017
    Just placed another order redeeming that coupon code you gave me for the jars we returned! My little one absolutely loves the lamb and fish dishes and I love that they come in 200g as he's a big eater.  The consistency is perfect for him too, he's 13 months.  
My daughter has been envious when I bring out the bowl of food for him so I've ordered a couple for her this time, hopefully they go down well!  I think the chocolate cream will definitely be a hit with her.  
Looking forward to the summer menus, we can't get enough of the meals - aside from being super convenient they are beautifully packaged and presented and so very tasty!

Maria 14 Jun 2017
    I can't say enough about this wonderful business. I have been making my own food since my son was 4 months old and he loves everything I put in front of him. When it came time for us to travel to England in June, I was a bit wary about buying food, but I knew my own food would only last us for a day. I googled "organic, home made baby food delivery in London", and picked Ratatou´e because of the lovely back story of Helene's mission. When we arrived at our hotel, a full freezer bag of wonderful, freshly made food awaited us, and I must say, it was even yummier than my own:) If we lived in London, I would have treasured getting some extra time on my hands by ordering from Helene and Ratatou´e every week! The beautiful glass jars were the icing on the cake for me! A million thanks!
Zinajda 25 Apr 2017
I know, all of us mums always try to cook healthy food from scratch for our little ones! We want no added salt, sugar, no honey, a good variety of colours, and flavours, and the right balance of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. All of this, while trying to keep a stable daily schedule (the almighty routine!!) .... But let's face it, sometimes it is just impossible. Ratatou´e's jars of absolutely delicious meals are exactly what I need for my crawler on those days. Natural, organic and seasonal, no hidden additives at all, amazingly good taste! It is so good that the only difficulty is not to go: 1 spoon for you, 2 spoons for mummy! Little one would not let me though as he loves it so much!
Jasmine 17 Mar 2017
    I'm so glad i came across this company. I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of ensuring my little boy was well fed with high quality and nutritious food. And then i found these pots and all my worries were solved!! My little boy has really enjoyed munching away at the delicious menu, and in fact i absolutely know that the menu is delicious because ive sampled all meals myself and wondered if you could also make adult size portions, because they are really really yummy!! Thanks lots for your help. You have given me the confidence to be more creative in the kitchen but still I will order again soon. X