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😋😋😋We've seen before that to eat well is to welcome variety in our diet (see our blog on The Paradox of the Omnivores). That goes for us adults, as well as for our children and babies.

And that journey towards variety starts at the very beginning of life, in the womb, and never ceases to evolve throughout our entire life. And I thank Mother Nature for that, as otherwise I might still be stuck not liking pizza, tomatoes, or avocados, which used to fill me with disgust until my teenage years!

And that appreciation for variety is not innate but acquired, which means it is up to us parents to guide our children towards it. All the more so when we know that the first flavour to be perceived and recognised by the foetus is the sugary one.Otherwise called the sweet one. And we like it. We all do. Because it signals calories, therefore survival.

But nowadays, we do not live in a world where food scarcity is an issue for most. Abundance may have actually become the issue. And more precisely an abundance of sweetness and saltiness.

To help our babies and children appreciate variety, we therefore need to constantly expose them to the other 3 known flavours of sourness (acidity), bitterness, umami, as well as the almost infinite rainbow of in-betweens.

To help our babies and children appreciate variety, we therefore need to contrast all those flavours with something neutral:water, which is the most recommended drink with their meals. Something sugary would hide all the other flavours, as well as meddle with their hunger cues.

As for Ratatouļe, to help your babies and children appreciate variety we never mix sweet flavours with anything bitter or sour. For your babies, our purees will never mix cauliflower with mango, or kale with apple. For your children, we develop meals that will expose them to the whole range of flavours, never adding either sugar or salt, therefore altering the original tastes. We don't say no to sweetness at all, but we always keep it separate. Instead, we create nutrient-rich sweet products such as our 100% fruit compotes, to be enjoyed by the spoonful or used to sweeten porridge and yogurt, or make ice lollies.

Eat well. Grow strong. Live more. This is our motto. And I should also add: variety is our number one priority. After deliciousness off course! 😋😋😋


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😋😋😋Last night, as I was deep into my other bible, "The Way We Eat Now" by Bee Wilson (a brilliant must-read to navigate how we eat now, why and how we can stop it from damaging our health), I read something that summarised why I left banking and set up Ratatouie. Why I made my mission to make eating well simple for families and help them develop sustainable, healthy eating habits that benefit a lifetime.

Back then, like most of my fellow parents, I often felt that they were not enough minutes in the evening, after a mad day in the office and shuttling Adele here and there, nor any space left in my tired brain to create the lunches, dinners and snacks I aspired to. I felt it strong, despite my love of cooking, my knowledge and creativity in concocting a variety of delicacies to share with my loved ones.

As Bee rightly points out, "a lack of time hovers most of our modern food habits, thwarting our desires and forcing us into compromises we never quite intended". And those compromises are too often made up with ultra-processed, sugar, salt, and oil loaded "convenience" food, even when those claim high and loud that they are "healthy".

So, I said to myself: let's put an end to the compromises. Let's reconcile once and for all home-cooked with convenience. Let's use all my passion, creativity and skills to bring to my fellow parents the nutrient-rich, high quality food they aspire to. Ready in minutes. So, they can spend their precious time sharing that food, even if they do not have the time to plan, prepare and cook it.

I started with their babies, then their older children and moved on to developing recipes and meals that satisfy the whole family, because even mum and dad need to eat well.

Eat well. Grow strong. Live more. This is our motto. And I should also add: zero compromise.

Time is no longer a barrier to eating well, for your babies, children and yourselves. 😋😋😋



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😋😋😋 School's out, the sun is out, it's finally summer on the British island and we know (because it is the same for us!) that it is going to get manic. 

Don't panic as we can make it a holiday even for you with our range of high quality and delicious meals that serve your babies, school age children as well as the whole family.

All you would have left to do is select the outings, enjoy the games and create memories with your little ones, safe in the knowledge that those nutritious meals are actually ready. 

And some of you are even taking us on holidays in their suitcases or ordering a delivery directly to their holiday destination. If you are making the most of the beauty of this island this Summer, we can get it to you and you can truly relax with no planning, shopping, preparing and tidying on the horizon.

We have even launched a delicious salad for a quick, refreshing lunch or impromptu picnic in the park.

Today is the last day to order for this week.

We cannot wait to cook for you this Thursday. 😋😋😋


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There is no such thing as "I don't like vegetables"

😋😋😋 I never understood how some people say they do not like fish when they do come in so many varieties, colours, shapes, textures and tastes. It is a bit like saying "I do not like vegetables" when an aubergine bears no resemblance whatsoever to a carrot or a broccoli.

For some reason, we are all far less categorical when it comes to sweet treats. No one ever says they do not like biscuits if they happen not to appreciate ginger oatcakes, but can't resist one of our Pick Me Up Cookies.
When it comes to chocolate, we all have our preferences. For instance, I tend to totally dislike flavoured chocolate (you'll never get me near them, be it with strawberry, orange or worse, mint!), but would I ever say a definitive "I do not like chocolate" and reject the whole category. Absolutely no way! And I know very few people who would.

So maybe that gives us a clue as to how we could handle our children claiming "I do not like vegetables" or "I do not like fish". Let them name a few they like (because there is always at least one) and immediately reject that restrictive claim. You could also give them a whole list of vegetables and let them choose every week five that they will eat and five that they will not eat, and you stick with those "likeable" five for that week. They must change every week and pick some new ones, with one or two as staples to make your life easier. You might be surprised how suddenly their minds open to trying new ones, as long as they can choose.

From our kitchen to your table, our nutrient-dense, balanced and delicious meals are delivered every week.

Let our kitchen do the work!

Just sit down and share. 😋😋😋


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Fussiness or the paradox of the omnivore

😋😋😋My 6Yo daughter is currently learning about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and she finds it all fascinating, leading to many funny conversations around the dinner table. This gave me the idea about this little post as we are all, to different degrees, fussy when it comes to food. And that is the very contradiction of our condition as omnivores. 

1. It is all about freedom

Being omnivores gives us a huge amount of freedom compared to our "specialised" counterparts. Indeed we can subsist on many different diets and many different types of food. An eskimo (mainly meat and fat) does not eat the same as a farmer from South East Asia (mainly plants) and they are both doing fine, adapting to their environment.

2. But we need variety

Biologically, we do not "know" how to extract all the nutrients we need from one single source, the way the koala does it from eucalyptus for example. We need a minimum of variety (proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals, etc) for our body and mind to function. This pushes us to diversification, innovation, exploration and change in our eating habits.

3. And this variety, we fear, may kill us

Indeed every single new, unknown food is a potential danger. Thousands of years of evolution have ingrained that fear in our human DNA. And this is what, paradoxically, leads us to conservatism, precaution, resistance in the face of something new in our plates.

4. Now just imagine that fear in the mind of a 2 year old

Which is just at the exact same time as some need some extra independence  And then you have it: dinner table battles. 

We all go through it with our little ones with varying degrees. We just need to help them keep an open-mind, give them some choices in the matter, and most importantly lead by example. Copying is the only form of learning your little one is used to at this age.  So if he/she is not sharing the same meal as you, it will be very difficult for him/her to tuck in and try new things.

This is the very reason why our meals come for one-year-old toddlers all the way to 99-year-old grand-pa. So that you can all sit down (even if you have only a very small portion while you'll have the rest with your partner later on), and share the same dinner. So that your little one sees you eating the same thing. So that you can casually demonstrate that it is ok to eat this new Chicken & Veg Meatballs or Chickpea & Spinach Stew with lots of suspicious coloured bits in it.  

From our kitchen to your table, our nutrient-dense, balanced and delicious meals are delivered every week.

Let our kitchen do the work!

Just sit down and share.
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It's party time with Come round

😋😋😋We are super excited to be participating in the Read and Play Parties up and down the country organised by Come round a company that gets the nation talking on behalf of Campbell Books, a trusted name for baby and toddler groups. 

We are always very excited to participate in activities that support families and were delighted to supply our delicious Pick Me Up Cookies for the parties. 100 lucky families were selected to host Read and Play parties for babies and toddlers and create content to share. How fun for all the families involved. 

We look forward to seeing the content from the parties especially how well our Pick Me Up Cookies went down with everyone. ….. Shish don’t tell the kids…. Mums and Dads up and down the country gobble up the cookies as soon as the Ratatouie delivery hits the kitchen table. Let’s hope the kids got a taste at their various parties. 😋😋😋
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