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Nestled in your hand, a small tomato. Red, yellow and orange depending on where the sun hit it with its rays…. Beautiful apple of love… one of the last of the season. Close your eyes, and now let your hand caress its skin. Feel the soft and tiny little hair that make up its only protection against nasty insects. Bring it close to your nose and smell it: the closer you get to its stalk, the stronger its scent becomes. 

Bite into it and let its velvety and sweet flesh explode on your tongue. Feel the freshness and acidity of its pips tickle your taste buds. With your eyes still closed, you find yourself imagining the rugged hand that carefully picked it, its owner walking slowly amongst the plants under the scorching sun. Go back further in time and see the tomato swing on its stem, rocked by the wind. Follow the ladybirds that fly around, protecting it from aphids. From the field into the kitchen. Now you see your grand-mother peeling it (because like most children, you didn’t like the skin back then), slicing it, and displaying it in the white oval dish next to the green salad bowl. You see her add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of flower of salt, a sprinkle of pepper: it’s ready! You proudly bring the dish to the table where all your family has gathered, underneath the mulberry tree that so generously shares its shade.

From the above description, it is easy to see that food brings all our senses together in exploration mode. Beyond our senses, it brings back memories of our childhood as efficiently as faded photos in a forgotten album. You may like or dislike the ingredient itself but here is not the subject. Beyond taste itself, food belongs to each and every one of us very own family culture and heritage. It makes up one of the most wholesome experiences of our daily lives.

From the above description, it is easy to see that food is certainly not just about calorie intake. Whoever thinks so must lead a very monotonous and sad existence indeed!

Let’s not impose the white, beige and bland treatment to our children. It is not good for their body. It is not good for their brain. it is not good for their soul. From the very start, let’s engage our children’s senses in teaching them how to eat right. Around the table, let's fill them up with childhood memories!

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