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Do you feel that you may be failing your family if their day does not start with a mango-cauliflower smoothie with a spoonful of chia seeds and ladles of coconut water? And what about if they did not get their necessary portions of quinoa, black beans, baobab or goji berries in their lunchbox? Feeling lost about what you are supposed to do with all that information when feeding your little ones and family, read on for peace of mind.

Up to recently a very ordinary daily task, eating seems to have become a very complex matter indeed. We are constantly fed (pun intended!) a succession of very complicated diets, intricate superfoods, unpronounceable ingredients unbeknown to us just yesterday, scary warnings and contradictory advice together with waves after waves of never ending concepts. Following the ever changing trends would fill a full time job and dig a serious hole in our wallet as none of them tend to come cheap.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying they are all fads without substance or truth. As a food lover dotted with a very curious mind, I will try everything that is thrown at me with enthusiasm and happily add them to my daily recipes.

But this is that same love of food that keeps me grounded in my cooking for my family. I am in love with a cuisine that is very honest, simple, balanced and varied. Its success does not call for rare and pricy ingredients, assembled in complex combinations. It calls for local, seasonal, quality ingredients judiciously mixed, adequately measured, seasoned with care, cooked appropriately with the adequate equipment. Food must be flavoursome and joyful. Its various colours must compose a very happy song. Its different textures, flavours and aromas must dance harmoniously in the most delightful ballet. It should raise the appetite, excite the taste buds and satisfy the tummy, responding naturally to the demand of our bodies and minds.

Simple, varied and balanced food will automatically bring pleasure. There is no pleasure in boredom…and children know that well! Teaching them about such a pleasure will set them up towards a healthful future where they will naturally receive from their food the necessary nourishment to excel and succeed.

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