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1st of January: today we have decided with my other half to go vegan with the rest of my family. Everyone is talking about it so it must be good for all of us. A good way to detox after the indulgences of the festive period (or the last 12 months) and set our lovely 3 children with healthy eating habits.

8th of January: A week in and we are starting to doubt that the vegan thing is really for us. The kids are screaming for a good eggy frittata, a chicken curry and some fish fingers. My partner could kill for a 400oz steak with pepper sauce (the one with cream). And I find myself secretly craving beef jerkies which I have never eaten before in my entire life. I did not even know they existed and they now seem to follow me in every aisle of the supermarket, every street corner shop, even making sneaky appearances in my dreams.

15th of January: we are all about to strangle each other, grieving for our meaty loss, seriously feeling down and realising that we have no flipping clue what we are doing. Above all me. Time to ditch the resolution then… we lasted almost three whole weeks though both partner and children hate me and my "healthy” resolutions at equal measure!

Let’s quit and go back to our dreadfully unhealthy habits and try again next year. Maybe!

Well not so fast! You don’t have to go vegan, paleoan, high protein-an, low carb-an (so you should definitely go low carbon!), or godknowswhatelse-an to make every member of your family healthy. Nor do you have to eat quinoa, chia seeds, acai berries or baobab and nuke the bank account in the process.

The solution is pretty simple: Eat every food, not too much, mainly plants and refrain on sugar. Now the question: how do I do that with my kids? Well here are just a few tricks of the trade (as a mother and a chef):

1- For vegetables, make soup the start of every dinner. It does not have to be fancy or complicated. At least 3 vegetables – always add onion and garlic – never miss a green leafy one - some low salt vegetable stock if you wish. Blend it all – serve with bits of toast covered in cream cheese if they like. We call them the "boats” in France and the aim is to spread them in plate full of soup and go and get one with each mouthful.

2- Increase their daily fruit intake with blended compotes of any combination of fruits they like. Presented as such it looks a bit more like a pudding than just a fruit and you can also use it in yogurt, porridge, with oatbran, etc. Very versatile. Everyone will like it. You can choose some from our range also with no added sugar or anything else whatsoever.

3- Switch over the proportion of veg to meat in any recipe your family love or you want to try out. Think of it as such: ¼ of meat to ¾ of veg to balance it all out. Ditch any meal that does not call for any vegetable at all.

4- Swap any white pasta, rice and bread to brown. Those still have the bran and germ in, which is where all the vitamins and nutrients are. With the white stuff, you are just left with sugar really. Now to avoid a general uprising at the dinner table, I would advise to do it gradually by mixing white and brown together, gradually increasing the brown proportion until it fully takes over.

With those four little tricks, you are in good track to improve the healthy habits of every member of your family. And they might even notice the benefits themselves. And for once you might be able to say that you succeeded at keeping your New Year resolution. Well almost! Just adding a bit of meat products to an otherwise vegan diet!

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