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When one starts his/her journey as a parent, the mission is literally Herculean.

It starts from the moment we learn that a little heart is beating alongside ours in the comfort of our tummy. From then on, our most pressing priority becomes the provision of the best, and only the very best for that little one.

And where do we usually turn first: FOOD!.

What should we eat to provide all that the embryo needs to develop harmoniously during the 40 weeks or so of gestation?

When that baby is born, what is our main source of endless worry? The quality of his/her feeds becomes almost an obsession. How many times? How much? How long? How often?

When we transition to solid food, the task turns out to be as fundamental and worrisome. Whichever route we choose to diversify their diet, our focus remains very much on the well-being of our little ones and the teaching of healthy eating habits.

However, at the same times, we are submerged by a plethora of information and misinformation, events and non-events which make this task a constantly changing labyrinth. It is like a million alarm bells ringing all at once, thousands of different (and sometimes conflicting) trends coming and going depending on which way the wind blows, hundreds of imperatives we must abide by, be it our budget or the environment, the locally produced or the fair trade imported, the responsibly farmed or the organic, the corn fed or the free range, clean or lean, 3-a-day or 5-a -ay, juicing or smoothing, etc.

At the same time, we may also face one of the most thankless task in our parenting journey: when our little ones decide to make food time a power struggle or are not very much inclined to let anything strange looking, new and/or particularly green pass through their adorable little lips!

To eat well is certainly a major part of what every parent teaches their children. This teaching is highly personal and is very much linked to who we are, what we like, and eventually what we aspire to.

Transmitting good food habits to our children is something we do everyday, so we have no way to escape it! It is a long and slow process that requires ladles full of patience, a dash of authority and stockpots of love.

Through experience, research, passion, and the call on experts, I aim to provide in this blog a lot (if not most) of the elements necessary to what I see as a fundamental life skill: the education of taste of your children, their gustatory awakening., their culinary journey towards lifelong healthy eating habits!

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